3/2 Cubed for good

This 27th August, I am getting a year closer to the finish line, finish lines… I am not sure how many there are but we will see. One line across another, you meet folks who disappear into the past. Some you would build strong beautiful swinging ol’ bridges with, and some others you wouldn’t care. It was nice knowing that I too have a support system that I took too long to recognize. Poor stupid naive me and such beautiful you people. Thanks for all the wishes guys. This means a lot.

Anyways, this 27th August I turn 34 years old, by solving two open problems, that are each 17 years old. I am guessing they would let me cross the finish line now, a finish line… argh, we will see. The point is time is short and one only gets a finite many years to live through. How old can you get, How long you wish to live? These are such interesting questions to ask and the equations involved, I am afraid are way too unknown. But then again as someone said recently, the future is full of possibilities and you know, I thought that sounded rather nice. :)

So this is a barely walking old man at 2am, thinking of you all and feeling blessed to have known you all. Hoping next time you wish, I am a bit older and perhaps, wiser(!)



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