End of Problem – I

Delhi, May’18

Life is funny when the curtains go down.

Abhirupda sent back a two character smiley ‘:)’
Preeti said ‘good job’
Aaihsa was like ‘good for you man’
with that dumb voice of a distant relative
that you wish dies peacefully
in some obscure corner of the world.
And then finally, mom called and screamed at me ’cause the fucking phone died.

You see… None of them quite realize that I am holding Nature by the butt right now. And that’s fine.
‘Cause I never signed up for this job other than a few memorable public orgasms
So that the two guys that stood up and clapped for me
should have tears in their eyes. That someone was there today on the whiteboard. And it felt like he understood it all.
Someone who learned to feel his way to the right equations
To a place where Nature takes off her bra and bares it all.

Point is can I beat this,
can I get even farther.
Am I capable enough to beat solving an NP Complete,
17 year old open problem?



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