Little boy Al , I

Albert is a graduate, unemployed… and very very lost. While working day jobs, he writes three decent papers with the help of his physicist wife from a small studio room in downtown Berlin. Fortunes knock on the happy door and a 25 year old Albert would walk out through that door to embark on one of the longest journeys anyone his age ever indulged in across the history of time.

The next 11 years Albert would struggle with a single set of equations that would later be known as general relativity. A Theory that describes gravity as curvature in spacetime. It would be an instance in time when God himself would look down as one of his deepest secrets about nature fall into the mind of a meagre man. One that had learned to fly this far beyond.
His equations in GR is still unanimously considered the most beautiful equations ever written by a man.

Albert is big now, he has a nobel prize, a new wife, lots of curious listeners and enough witty one-liners. Not all of everyone understood Albert’s ideas but Albert doesn’t mind, Albert is happy. Every once in a while he would smoke his pipe, screw with his secretary and curse Hitler along various philosophical lines.

Europe was soon at war and mankind would be hitting an all time low at average intelligence. Little did Albert know that one of his old equations from a much more innocent time would someday destroy two cities and millions of lives. And also there by, end the great war.

Times aren’t as turbulent anymore. People have gone back to find their respective homes somewhere in the ruins, trying to find their old lives. Albert these days would find himself in an array of thoughts in a much more distant dream and perhaps the most poetic one at that so far. Albert wants to know if there could be a place like that in one’s understanding, the fundamental grounds, a single place from where one could see all of reality emerge and evolve in a consistent way. Albert now wanted to bring his ideas of gravity and electromagnetism together as different faces of a much deeper underlying thing. Albert now, was after ‘everything’.

Years pass by and Albert is old now. He is divorced, one of his sons went mad, he is now an important person with important opinions. Most of his time he would spend travelling to obscure places, looking to support moral causes and foreign women. He has as shattered a life as any celebrity could dream of. Celebrities are like us, they look for people who could resonate with their stories, validate their existence… sooner or later that’s what you look for. A lime lit Shakespearean tragedy, juicy enough for people to come, shed tears and clap on.

Albert would spend most of this time of his life in hotel rooms, naked in sun kissed clouds of Turkish tobacco, sharing orgasms with people whose names he couldn’t properly pronounce. In his mind however, he would be roaming around in various blind alleys of what would later be known as ‘the theory of everything’.

Albert would often find himself in dark corners of self doubt. Time had taken it’s toll on the old man. He would feel he isn’t as good as he once was. His ideas don’t have that fire. That zeal. He is knowledgeable, sure but he was never looking for knowledge in the first place. Albert had known something that very few men over time had… of how it is like to be at the very edge of human knowledge, human understanding. Of how it is like to watch nature reveal herself in naked, and you to be the first of your species to whom she would confide in. He had known a high as a child that many didn’t even know existed. Old Albert would spend the rest of his life looking for the high that he had once known as a curious child.

For the next 30 years, Albert spent his life in deserted islands of human thoughts. Almost a ghost that roamed around in the halls, looking for a truth that didn’t exist. And one fine day, he would have his breakfast, scribble a few equations, share a few good words with the maid who later in the evening, discovered him dead in his chair.

Albert had passed away in silence in a casual moment of nature’s time. We would perhaps never know what his last words could have been, what was the entire point of his life? Where was the struggle, what was he after, what was the purpose?
Was he looking for acclaim, respect, luxury, love… ?

The answer to all of it is no.
The entire time, all Albert looked for was joy.

Find what gives you joy in life. Don’t let go of those dreams just yet. Be like Albert.

Be an Einstein.


2 thoughts on “Little boy Al , I

  1. It’s the best piece on Einstein I’ve evet read,seen or experienced till date..
    Maybe I’m too young & inexperienced in physics to comment on this,but nevertheless,this post captures the whole essence of Einstein’s life,presented in a rather non-discriminatory way…

    “Find what gives you joy in life. Don’t let go of those dreams just yet. Be like Albert”
    Great Words Indeed!!
    Cheers Chitrodeep Da!

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